Steven and Cathy's kidney transplant story. 

I (Steven) was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease as a teenager. I was able to hold off the need for transplant for several years. In early 2013 I was beginning to feel a little sicker and the doctor felt it was time to be placed on the transplant list. At the same time, family and friends were stepping up to volunteer to be tested for compatibility status.

At the time, my mother was scheduled for foot surgery, and my Aunt Cathy, (my mom's twin sister), felt she was the right one to be my live donor. She had the testing done and was found to be a match, and donating me a kidney was something she really wanted to do, and felt it was meant to be. She passed all the pre-op testing required and our surgery took place on August 7th 2013, which also happened to be my grandmother's birthday. The morning of the surgery we were both calm and confident all would go well.

The surgery was a success, my aunt's kidney started working immediately when placed in my abdomen, and we were both feeling good. My aunt has continued to feel great and so have I, and my kidney celebrates a birthday now on the same day that my mother and aunt celebrate theirs together.

Steven Whipple's Story